In 1998, Era Bayam Kota Sdn Bhd started as a joint venture with Padiberas Nasional Berhad (BERNAS), giving birth to the brand ‘ERA’. Born in Kota Bharu, ERA later became a renowned name in almost every household all over the East Coast and in April 2018, Era Bayam Kota became a wholly-owned subsidiary of BERNAS. Since the incorporation, ERA has built a tremendous reputation as a very experienced brand in the processing, distribution and marketing of rice and other food products. Today, ERA's range of products extends to not just rice, but also to cooking oil and dairy creamers too, as we are on our way to achieve our vision of “Number 1 staple foods brand in Malaysia”.

Understanding its customers, ERA prioritises quality and affordability, so that families get to enjoy the best products at the best prices. All of ERA’s products are sourced from corporate partners who have gone through rigorous selection processes, all of which are certified Halal by JAKIM. Each product line is also quality assured by our parent company BERNAS and we proudly bear their “Pilihan Bernas” badge.

Driven by the true spirit of sharing and togetherness, ERA vows to keep growing, in way to keep fulfilling the nation’s needs for great love in great food.